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IT engineer, MEng. in computer science, working as VP Engineering @ Why I wake up every day? To make software that users love! That's why I aim to be an expert in agile methodologies and technologies.

Antoine Nguyen Hong Duc


Master’s Degree in Engineering

Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Brest
September 2010 to july 2015

Specialisation: Computer sciences

Diploma de ingeniero

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
September 2014 to july 2015

Argentinian's degree in engineering - Specialisation: Computer science, Mechatronics


VP Engineering
Since august 2016
  • co-develop with the CTO the digital strategy
  • manage products development and delivery (websites for partners, company website, APIs, internal tools)
  • integrate prototypes and make them able to scale
  • manage capacity to deliver new feature
  • Data scientist for us and our partners
  • Ruby, Rails, Postgres, emberjs, PHP, wordpress, bootstrap, foundation, JQuery, Scrum, lean, XP, UX, Design, TDD

Full-stack developer

January 2016 to august 2016
  • Software developer in scrum team
  • Development and maintenance of the Marketplace (front-end/back-end)
  • Development of indicators for the marketplace sellers (Big Data)
  • Development of indicators for the business team (Big Data)
  • NET programming, SQL Server 2012, Talend Open Studio, SPA (AngularJS, VueJS), Real-time (MeteorJS)

Scrum master / Project Manager

AKKA Technologies
September 2015 to january 2016
  • Project Manager
  • Management of the development of an application to manage orders
  • NET programming, SQL server 2012, SQL Profiler, Project Management, TFS, Scrum

Software engineer

Instituto CEDIAC
August 2014 to december 2014
  • Development of an application.
  • This application reduces the cost/risk ratio of an installation plant, using the fault event tree analysis and a genetic algorithm.
  • NET programming, Artificial intelligence
  • Kanban


  • python for datascience (jupyter, scikit, numpy, pandas)
  • machine learning
  • genetics algorithms
  • R
  • tableau 10
  • Scrum
  • Lean
  • XP
  • Kanban
  • jQuery
  • EmberJS
  • React
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap / Foundation
  • Flat Design
  • Blaze
  • VueJS
  • Rails
  • Firebase
  • MeteorJS
  • Wordpress as a framework
  • Silex


  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • English (TOEIC : 915 / 990)
  • Spanish
  • French


  • Discovering other countries (USA, Vietnam, Italy...)
  • Latin america : Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico
  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Sailing
  • Skiing